Let's talk about your unique copy needs for your heart-centered or spiritual business.

Great, compelling copy takes time to write, refine, and optimize. A lot of time. Time that you don’t have when you already have a full-time job running your business. Bringing a copywriter onto your team allows you to have an incredibly effective inbound marketing strategy while having the time to focus on the business you love and the clients and customers who make it happen.

In your free 15-minute consultation we’ll talk about…

  1. Your goals – What are you looking to accomplish in your business? More clients or customers, higher income, less hours?
  2. Your website & online content – How we will position you as an expert in your work and create space that speaks directly to your audience’s hearts.
  3. Your SEO – How well are you ranking in Google searches? How can we make this better?
  4. Inbound marketing content – We’ll discuss blogs, email newsletters, social media presence, and more.
  5. How to save you time –We put a game plan in place that takes endless hours of content off of your plate and puts it on mine to integrate into your business seamlessly.